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  • E-Terra comes to rescue Nigeria West Africa from E-waste

    Feb 22 2017  Broken Defunct televisions computers and keyboards (pictured) are transported to west-African countries like Ghana and Nigeria because it is cheaper than recycling it properly in European Union nations In fact the European Commission and UN studies show that West Africa is becoming a dumping site for e-waste from various parts of the

  • PCB Recycling BusinessScience/TechnologyNigeria

    Jan 14 2015  I ve sell PCB recycling machine to Nigeria and Kenya both have lot gold mine.They don t same like the mineral but easier. About recycling business maybe you have already know that mostly the water bottle and made of 40 recycle material and 60 raw material in EU US and China.

  • Electronic Waste Recycling in NigeriaTekedia

    Feb 23 2020  Quantity of e-waste internally generated in Nigeria is increasing as more people use electrical electronics equipment(EEE). In Nigeria many people own more than one information and communication technology (ICT) device such as mobile phones computers televisions and other devices and their replacement cycles are becoming shorter hence the large quantity of e-waste generated in Nigeria.

  • Responsible Recycling vs Global DumpingElectronics

    In these countries the e-waste ends up in backyard recycling operations often literally behind peoples homes. One example is Guiyu China an area where a lot of our e-waste goes. They use crude and unsafe methods of taking apart our old computers and TVs to get to and remove the metals which they can sell causing great harm in the process.

  • Best places to sell your used electronics for 2021CNET

    Best places to sell your used electronics for 2021. Do you have old gadgets collecting dust in a junk drawer Turn them into extra cash without any hassles.

  • Survey on Awareness and Willingness to

    Feb 02 2020  sustainability Article Survey on Awareness and Willingness to Participate in E-Waste Management in Jos Plateau State Nigeria Kangyang Josiah Miner 1 Isaac Tebogo Rampedi 1 Ayodeji Peter Ifegbesan 2 and Fannie Machete 3 1 Department of Geography Environmental Management and Energy studies University of Johannesburg P.O. Box 524 Auckland

  • Importance of Recycling E-Waste. Dispose of E-Waste Wisely

    One of the benefits of recycling e-waste is being able to extract and reuse these precious metals. According to the United Nations the precious metal deposits found in E-waste are around 40 to 50 times richer than that of ore that is extracted from mines 5. In fact a tonne of E-Waste contains 100 times more gold than a tonne of gold ore.

  • (PDF) Management and Recycling of Electronic Waste

    in selling used electronics. such as environment conditions at e-waste recycling India was becoming more and more influential on e-waste research in the world. Nigeria was the research

  • Recycle TV Near MeTelevision DisposalGet Rid of Your

    How To Easily Find A Television Recycling Center Near You. Do you currently have a TV that you would like to recycle If you do you should consider finding a local recycling center that will take it from you. Whether this is an old-style tube television or a new LCD there will always be a place that you can take these televisions to.Some of them can be recycled very easily stripping down the

  • Global responses for recycling waste CRTs in e-waste

    Nov 01 2016  In case of developed nations at least it is now impossible to find a CRT computer monitor or television in electronic shops. However they are still present in the houses of many people and gradually being replaced by new flat screens (Rocchetti and Beolchini 2014).According to WEEE collection and pre-treatment market about 50 000–150 000 tons/year of end of life CRTs are currently

  • Home for some e-waste dump for the world DW 07.01.2014

    Jan 07 2014  "In the past a lot of dumping used to go on in Nigeria as well. E-waste seems to go where the economy is booming where trade seems to be increasing " Anane says. With Ghana s international trade

  • Good Point Ethical Electronics Recycling "e-Waste" Blog

    Driverless Used Car and Electronics Imports to Africa. Follow up to the new "Driverless" UNU 2018 Person In Port Report. The headline "Thousands of tons of e-waste shipped illegally to Nigeria inside used vehicles" was familiar. In my last blog I gave readers "the fine print".

  • Responsible Recycling vs Global DumpingElectronics

    In these countries the e-waste ends up in backyard recycling operations often literally behind peoples homes. One example is Guiyu China an area where a lot of our e-waste goes. They use crude and unsafe methods of taking apart our old computers and TVs to get to and remove the metals which they can sell causing great harm in the process.

  • Heavy metals distribution and risk assessment in soil from

    Jun 06 2017  Informal E-waste recycling can pose a risk to human health and the environment which this study endeavours to evaluate. The distribution of a number of heavy metals in soil from an informal recycling site in the largest market for used and new electronics and electrical equipment in West Africa was investigated. The potential bioavailability of heavy metals extent of contamination potential

  • ENVIRONMENT-NIGERIA As E-Waste Dump Lagos Imperils

    Jan 23 2008  Sam Olukoya. LAGOS Jan 23 2008 (IPS)Nigeria s commercial capital is arguably one of the largest dumps for obsolete electronic items otherwise called e-wastes. According to the Basel Action Network (BAN) a Seattle-based environmental group an estimated 500 shipping containers with a load equal in volume to 400 000 computer monitors or 175 000 large TV sets enter Lagos each month.

  • Recycled Electronics Often Taken Apart Trashed Overseas

    Nov 19 2007  SAN FRANCISCOMost Americans think they re helping the earth when they recycle their old computers televisions and cell phones. But chances are

  • E-Waste (Electronic IT ) Waste Recycling Services in Nigeria

    e-waste-recycling Electronic Waste used computer IT waste in Nigeria End of life devices Laptops recycling recycling in Nigeria Waste pick-up process Electronic Waste Management services data destruction Sorting of electronic Waste

  • E waste Recycling Precious Metals recovery from E waste

    Jan 02 2019  At this forum you will know every thing about e waste recycling at small and large scales. E waste First of all we should learn about e waste. Different electronics scrap has called e waste. For example computer scrap old televisions old and dead mobiles scrap printers photography films x rays and much much more.

  • Exploring E-Waste Management Systems in the United States

    Quantities of end-of-life electronics (or e-waste) around the world keep growing. More than 1.36 million metric tons of e-waste were discarded mainly in landfills in the U.S. in 2005 and e

  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste)- Rhode Island

    The E-Waste Problem. Rhode Instituted a landfill ban in place in 2009 for all televisions and computers (Read the statute Rhode Island s E-Waste Disposal Ban Law (R.I.G.L. Chapter 23-24.10). As our landfill continues grow larger and larger the available space we have to bury our trash shrinks.

  • Home Electronics Recycling Phoenix Computer Recycling

    Global Electronic Recycling is an organization whose flexibility and responsiveness allow them to address even the most complex resale asset recovery or recycling needs. Their professional team is dedicated to continuous improvement. We have been working together since early 2008 and have built a solid partnership.

  • Scrap NewsE-WASTERecycling or Disposal It s a Challenge

    Dec 19 2015  Huge amounts of e-waste scrap materials are disposed of every year between 20 to 50 million metric tonnes posing a tough challenge for human health threats from unsafe handling of the e-waste. Most of these discarded materials went to landfills or incinerators instead of recycling facilities resulting in water and air contamination.

  • How To Become A Millionaire From Nylon/plastic/polythene

    Jul 05 2021  Unfortunately administrators and stakeholders at all levels of governance in Nigeria are today still confronted with the burden of Nylon and plastic wastes management used nylon shopping bags pure-water sachets and pet bottles from different product brands this environmental menace is a common eye-sour on our roads drainages streets and

  • From Waste to WealthHow to build a profitable business

    Jun 15 2013  Short DocumentaryHow a local Ghanaian business is building wealth from Accra s huge waste. Another inspiring and successful African waste entrepreneur is Kenya s Lorna Rutto who left a comfortable banking job to start a company that manufactures fencing posts from recycled plastic waste.. Today her business employs more than 300 Kenyans (directly and indirectly) and her plastic posts

  • Electronic ScrapGlobalTech Environmental

    . Electronic Scrap. Choose Global Tech for your companies Electronic Scrap needs. Contact Us Today. Request A Quote. We Buy Scrap Circuit Boards. The lifeblood of our technological age circuit boards regulate power and transmit data throughout all our devices.

  • (PDF) E-waste Management as a Global Challenge

    Other key issues are to know the share of e-waste source (domestically vs imported) across formal and informal recycling sites data about regional and local e-waste collection schemes the role of the informal sector in this matter.Dismantling areas of e-waste from Asian or African countries are heavily polluted with persistent organic

  • Electronic waste in the United StatesWikipedia

    Electronic waste or e-waste in the United States refers to electronic products that have reached the end of their operable lives and the United States is beginning to address its waste problems with regulations at a state and federal level. Used electronics are the quickest-growing source of waste and can have serious health impacts. The United States is the world leader in producing the most

  • In Vivo Cytogenotoxicity of Electronic Waste Leachate

    Jun 03 2015  Challenges 2015 6 176 Figure 1. E-waste dumpsite Iloabuchi electronics market Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria. 2.2. Test Leachate Electronic waste was obtained from the waste dump of a large electronic market in Iloabuchi in Obia–

  • Tube TV Disposal How to Dispose of Your Old CRT TV

    Jun 24 2021  You can dispose of a tube TV by bringing it to a registered and authorized recycling and disposal center that does CRT TV recycling. But there are other options that you could consider especially if the TV is still in working condition. Here are 4 tips

  • How to Handle E-Waste and Old Electronic Equipment

    Sustainability can provide great benefits to a middle market business including cost reduction and customer and employee loyalty. But claiming sustainable practices is difficult if you don t effectively handle e-waste. Whether it s outmoded computers broken fax machines CRT monitors exhausted rechargeable batteries or obsolete networking equipment or smartphones a lot of electronic waste

  • 5.5. E-waste stream management EME 807 Technologies for

    There are reasons to separate the electronics waste stream rapid growth of the electronic manufacturing volume market and rapid change in technology resulting in new products. complexity of electronic products which requires special approach in recycling. use of rare and precious metals and compounds many of which should be recovered.

  • (PDF) Informal waste recycling in Lagos Nigeria

    Jul 03 2021  The current waste generated in cities in Nigeria is calculated as 66 828 tonnes per day (TPD) at the total urban population of 106 million while the

  • Good Point Ethical Electronics Recycling "e-Waste" Blog

    the growth in use of internet and TV use in Nigerian s (World Bank) which they sell to recycling merchants for only a few dollars. In India young boys smash computer batteries with mallets to recover cadmium toxic flecks of which cover their hands and feet as they work. the Nigerian e-Waste Country Assessment show that 70

  • new type scrap radiator recycling for Recycling Industry

    cheap portable inverter srq1000 scrap radiator recycling machine equipmentlasire . germany technology gcb500 waste circuit board for copper recycling parovi machines solid waste production line for scrap cars dundee scapcar goiania for electrostatic metal plastics haggerty metals sl800 plastic waste recycling For the wire-stripping machine bunnings sickle solid waste

  • Illegal trash trade E-waste smuggling contaminate

    Aug 05 2013  Illegal trash trade E-waste smuggling contaminate developing countries. Disposing of electronic waste these days somehow resembles dumping radioactive waste in a third-world country it s illegal but profitable. Millions of tons of used electronics end up in Asia and Africa where recycling is a big yet dangerous business.

  • Recycling e-waste and other hazardous materials

    Jan 24 2013  Where To Recycle. Disposal Options. Using Earth 911 and search by zip code to find locations that accept and recycle more than 350 products and materials using Earth 911 one of North America s most extensive recycling databases. Or dial 1-800-CLEANUP. How to Recycle or dispose of Large Appliances A refrigerator or large appliance with Freon TM or refrigerant removed requires a

  • Kenya takes on e-waste problem with new recycling hub

    Mar 30 2014  Kenya takes on e-waste problem with new recycling hub. Used electronics are one of the fastest growing sources of waste globally and it is estimated that 15 000 tons of used