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  • Loop Industries

    The issues surrounding plastic waste impact us all — and threaten the future of our planet. At Loop Industries we re upending the status quo with revolutionary technology that transforms PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic and polyester fiber waste into high-purity -quality PET resin that can be used again and again.

  • 10 promising circular economy startups that set out to

    Aug 07 2019  With £5 million in funding from the H M Clothing Company they are accelerating a waste-free circular resource world. GraapzFounded in July 2017 the French startup Graapz supports local businesses in the resale of their fruit and vegetables taken off the shelves for lack of freshness or for aesthetic reasons.

  • Recycling SymbolDownload the Original Recycle Logo

    This prevents contamination of the waste streams inside your trash and recycling bins. See recommended recycle stickers here. Check recycling logo stickers Recycling symbol in different colours. Below you can find free and high quality downloads of the official recycling symbol in every imaginable colour of the rainbow and in monotone black.

  • How to Recycle Different Types of Plastic

    Aug 13 2019  Plastic is a versatile and inexpensive material with thousands of uses but it is also a significant source of pollution. Some worrisome emerging environmental issues involve plastics including gigantic oceanic garbage patches and the microbeads problem.Recycling can alleviate some of the problems but the confusion over what we can and cannot recycle continues to confound consumers.

  • About

    90 of plastic is NOT recycled. Let s change that TOGETHER. our vision Zero plastic waste on our planet earth We re a team of passionate recycling and packaging experts dedicated to one common goalclosing the loop on single-serve PET material through recycling and production of high quality post-consumer recycled packaging solutions Products our vision

  • By exporting trash rich countries put their waste out of

    Jul 29 2019  The United States one of the largest exporters of plastic waste in the world is also a nonparty to the convention. After years of being the world s dumping ground China

  • Managing nuclear waste in France the long and short game

    May 02 2018  After decades of cooling France like most other nuclear power generating countries has no long-term solution in place for high and intermediate spent fuel waste disposal. For now there is no rush at least as Hoorelbecke says the disposal of high-level waste being produced at present will only happen around 2080 more than five to eight

  • Value chain eventStyrenics Circular Solutions

    SCS started a comprehensive LCA of different recycling processes for polystyrene (PS) which includes the mechanical recycling the depolymerization into monomers as well as the dissolution process for converting PS post-consumer waste into new PS material. Furthermore these processes will be compared to the current state of waste treatment.

  • Recycling MDF are we there yet Wood Based Panels

    Mar 09 2012  The driver at that time was the high cost of waste disposal for the furniture industry. MDF was not recycled and in many cases was simply sent to landfill. Waste costs at that time for some furniture companies were up to 10 of their turnover so there was an incentive to look at recycling

  • Scientists create mutant enzyme that recycles plastic

    Apr 08 2020  The enzyme originally discovered in a compost heap of leaves reduced the bottles to chemical building blocks that were then used to make high-quality new bottles. Existing recycling

  • GREENMAX EPS Styrofoam Recycling Polystyrene Foam

    INTCO recycling is an EPS styrofoam recycling specialist Buy and recycle waste styrofoam TCO Recycling manufactures and sells GREENMAX EPS compactors/densifiers beverage dewatering machine plastics foam melting machine INTCO Recycling purchase back waste compacted EPS and reuse them to make frame products.

  • Recycle everything America—except your nuclear waste

    Jul 08 2019  Even in an optimistic assessment these new plants will still produce significant amounts of high-level long-lived waste. What s more new fuel forms used in some of these advanced reactors could pose waste disposal challenges not seen to date. Some of these new reactors would use molten salt-based fuels that when exposed to water form

  • Recycling Equipment IncProviding recycling solutions

    "Waste Funding" A division of Diversified Capital Credit Corp. Waste Funding has been serving the waste recycling industry for over 25 years We can turnaround a credit application in 1-2 hours fund within 24 -36 hours. We can finance the equipment cost shipping installation sales tax.

  • WEEE Forum

    New guidelines on effective practices and instruments for a high-quality recycling take into account the COVID-19 impact on municipal waste collection systems. To make its results widely available the H2020 COLLECTORS project in which the WEEE Forum has been involved

  • Three advanced recycling technologies nominated for

    May 04 2021  In 2020 the first transparent plastic bottle from enzymatically recycled polyester textile waste was produced. Mechanical recycling technologies cannot recycle textile waste efficiently. In contrast this new enzymatic process enables polyester fibres to be "upcycled" to a high-quality grade of PET suitable for the production of clear bottles.

  • 60 Recycling Statistics 2020/2021 Data Trends

    May 11 2020  General Recycling and Waste Statistics. Recycling is one of the leading waste management solutions put forth by experts around the world. However while new systems and methods are being researched every day it is not enough to fully manage the current waste

  • Success Stories EREMA Plastic Recycling

    100 high-quality recycling film. Poligroup Ltd. of Bulgaria has been producing film of a high quality and in part with thicknesses around 30 μm from a mixture of wastes since September 2013

  • Breakthrough Technology Takes Plastic From the Ocean and

    Oct 03 2019  In the immediate term enhanced recycling will be introduced at commercial scale using waste from existing recyclers including previously unrecyclable plastics and lower-quality recyclables.

  • Governments should regulate the fashion industry

    Jan 22 2020  For instance the technology for recycling fabrics into new fabrics is within our reach but governments still haven t developed systems on par with say aluminum recycling or plastic recycling.

  • Refuse Collection and Recycling in FranceFranceAngloinfo

    Waste bins are often provided for free by the communes. When they are not the mairie can require residents to buy bins of specific colours and dimensions. Find out more about waste bins (in French) General Waste This bin is for everything which cannot be recycled in France for example food and diapers. Recycling

  • Coffee Cup Recycling CupCycling™ James Cropper James

    A World s First in Recycling. CupCycling™ is all about collaboration. Working with supply chain partners and brands who care about the environment. Coffee outlets cafés or retailers as well as other businesses can send used paper cups to James Cropper for Cupcycling™ by working with our recycling and waste management partners.


    Nov 18 2020  The scientific breakthrough behind Pyrowave technology helps recycle plastics using microwaves. Unlike current thermal processes this unique technology enables the recycling of plastic waste into high-quality raw materials using electricitythe energy form currently providing the highest decarbonation potential.

  • BaleBid The Global Recycling Marketplace

    THE GLOBAL RECYCLING MARKETPLACE. BaleBid has been specifically designed with years of industry knowledge to ensure an easy to use arena that connects the industry s largest and smallest recycling companies and traders on an equal platform.

  • Include more rPET in your production processesSUEZ Group

    The QCP plant (Quality Circular Polymers) near Maastricht in the Netherlands is the first plant of the joint venture set up by SUEZ and LyondellBasell to produce high-quality raw materials for the plastics industry. The plant is capable of transforming waste into 35 000 tonnes of polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • Automated sorting and total quality management ensure the

    The separate collection of plastic waste of different origins helps in securing high-quality recycling where the majority of the material can be recycled and turned into new raw material. The core of our Fortum Circo recyclates is consumer plastic packaging waste which is separately collected and delivered to our recycling process.

  • Carbios 2021 Strategic Update 2020 Annual Results

    Apr 06 2021  (in thousand euros) Dec. 31 2019. Dec. 31 2020 (12 months) (12 months) Operating revenues 1 450 1 643 Operating expenses 5 986 8 464 Operating income

  • EU waste management infographic with facts and figures

    Apr 06 2018  In 2018 the EU set new ambitious targets on recycling packaging waste and landfill. The goal of these new rules is to promote the shift towards a more sustainable model known as the circular economy. In March 2020 the European Commission unveiled an action plan for a circular economy that aims to cut waste by better managing resources.

  • Chemical recycling of plastic waste

    Facts about ChemCycling™ Complementary Chemical recycling can be used to process plastic waste streams that are not recycled mechanically for technological economic or ecological reasons.For example while sorted single-stream plastic waste should be recycled mechanically chemical recycling can be used for mixed post-consumer plastic waste streams consisting of e.g. PE PP PS for

  • Plastics sorting and recycling in FranceCOTREP

    2017 rigid HDPE/PP packaging recycling outlets in France. Source Valorplast With France s circular economy roadmap and the extension of sorting guidelines to all packaging new outlets will be developed to increase the use of recycled materials in packaging and in new products.

  • Residential Recycling Collection

    Jan 01 2020  Residential recycling is collected once per week. To find your day of service Click Here and enter your address. Placement. Please place your roll cart facing the point of collection and allow for 3 feet of space on all sides from any obstructions (e.g. fence gas meter telephone pole utility box tree shrub additional collection container or other potential obstruction).

  • Kalamazoo Township specialized recycling facility draws

    Jun 02 2021  County commissioners voted 9-2 and 11-0 on two separate amendments of the solid waste management plan which was created in 1998 and didn t allow for a construction and demolition recycling business.

  • Paper and Paperboard Material-Specific Data Facts and

    Dec 15 2020  Approximately 46 million tons of paper and paperboard were recycled in 2018 for a recycling rate of 68.2 percent which was the highest compared to other materials in MSW. Nondurable goods made of paper excluding newspapers had a recycling rate of 43.1 percent while newspapers had a recycling rate of 64.8 percent.

  • Plastic Recycling Plants In FranceENF Recycling Directory

    Plastic Recycling Plants In France. French plastic recycling plants directoryshowing companies in France that process plastic waste into new materials. 44 plastic recycling plants based in France are listed below. Atlan s.a.

  • Paper Grades and Collection Paper Recycling US EPA

    Paper recyclers are developing new technologies designed to handle identify and separate paper grades for recycling. One enhancement technology allows segregation of paper fibers during the recycling process according to fiber length coarseness and stiffness through a sequential centrifuging and screening process.

  • E-waste in Europe France TE Connectivity

    TE has established a recycling contract with the European Advanced Recycling Network (EARN) and will cover any costs of treatment recycling and recovery of the equipment on arrival at the EARN recycling facility in France. All New WEEE that arises from the purchase of TE products is classed as non-hazardous waste.

  • New Mexico Environment Department

    The New Mexico Legislature passed a law allowing the NMED the Environmental Improvement Board and/or the Water Quality Control Commission the ability to create detailed standards of environmental protection. Rules proposed by NMED are reviewed by the department s secretary the EIB or the WQCC. Rules are compiled in New Mexico

  • Recycling the Platinum Group Metals A European

    The high technical recyclability of platinum group metals means that over 95 recovery can be achieved once pgm-containing scrap reaches a state-of-the-art refining facility. Technical challenges exist but the main barriers to recycling pgms lie in ensuring the collection of scrap and in the capacity and technical capabilities of recycling chains around the world.